Thursday, July 12, 2012

Over the Horizon

We here at the Sons of Cincinnatus have been rather busy this week, as our readers might be able to tell from the lack of new posts since Sunday. We hope that you have taken this opportunity to catch up on the posts we've made since beginning of this blog. Those who found their way to this blog only in the past few days might find our first post, detailing the origin and mission of this blog, to be helpful. Click here for that.

But this post is not meant merely to apologize for our inactivity. In fact, it is also a promise for more. In the next few days, viewers will learn about such topics as unions, Elizabeth Warren, and the future of the Democratic Party. In the meantime, however, we shall leave the informing to others. Over at the Wall Street Journal, James Taranto preempts us by arguing that President Obama's campaign strategy of assembling a winning majority by intensifying his support among core Democratic constituencies is not as reliable as he might think. At the Weekly Standard, Jay Cost also suggests that Obama's reelection chances aren't as strong as they currently seem. And at National Review Online, Victor Davis Hanson calls for complete campaign transparency--voters should know all about the lives of both candidates. that the true class conflict in America today is not between rich and poor, but between old and young. We hope these links will hold you our currently unfinished posts emerge from the other side of the blogging horizon.

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