Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Benghazi Post Script

Fox News is now reporting the two former Seals who were killed in the 9-11 attack at Benghazi were at the CIA annex a mile away from the U.S. Mission when the assault began.  When they heard the shooting activity at the Mission, they contacted their superiors to find out what was going on and were told to 'stand down.'  As the assault continued they again contacted their superiors and were again told to 'stand down' and not assist those at the Mission.  Don't expect Navy Seals to obey a stand down order when fellow Americans are in danger.  These brave men went to the Mission and evacuated personnel and the body of one of the already dead diplomats.  The U.S. Ambassador was not at the Mission.  The Seals returned to the CIA annex where they again encountered enemy fire and tragically died in the exchange.

Fox also confirms that video drones were feeding the action live to D.C., likely including the famous Situation Room, the CIA and the State Department.  Administration officials knew exactly what was going on almost from the time the seven-hour assault began.  Three times the Seals and others requested military assistance and three times they were denied.  A military strike team was an hour's flight away, and could have assisted these brave men and women who were under siege.  The CIA states no one in its organization denied a request for assistance.  Someone at a high level -- a very high level -- knew of the pleas of assistance from these brave warriors and chose to ignore them. 

In the 2008 Primaries, Hillary Clinton ran an effective ad with the phone ringing in a dark bedroom in the middle of the night and the suggestion that then Senator Obama lacked the experience and was ill-equipped to respond as Commander-in-Chief to the inevitable '3:00 a.m. phone call.' 

                                           With what we know, who do you want to answer the call?
                                                                                     Obama or Romney?                                                                                 

Hillary's vision was prescient.  While brave Americans defended their countrymen and their diplomatic mission in Libya, President Obama and his Administration chose not to respond.  In fact, Obama went to bed and, following a perfunctory Rose Garden quasi-campaign appearance the next day in which he assured those responsible would be 'brought to justice', he jetted to Las Vegas for a fundraiser.  His Administration then misled the public and disgracefully even the family of one of the deceased on the nature and source of the assault.  President Obama and his Administration could not let the inconvenience of an attack by Al Qaeda on a U.S. diplomatic outpost disrupt a carefully orchestrated reelection campaign. 

I didn't choose to accept the challenge of serving our country in the military, which I regret.  I honor and admire those who served.  Based on the history of my friends and family who have served I know the military is a brotherhood/sisterhood, and no brother is left behind.  The ethos of the Armed Services, as articulated famously by Douglas MacArthur, is "Duty, Honor, Country."  We know these lessons were lost on (or never learned by) the Obama Administration who left their Ambassador and their other representatives dangerously twisting in the wind while under enemy assault.  This is disgraceful, and voters should take these shameful events into account as they decide who will lead the country for the next four years.

The Obama Administration was quick to trumpet the killing of Osama Bin Laden as demonstration of the bona fides of the President.  (Remember that clever campaign slogan of Joe Biden, "GM is alive and Osama Bin Laden is dead.")  Yet they show no sign of owning up to their laconic reaction as their own people were under attack in Libya. 

But what ever was there about the background, experience and personality of Barack Obama that would lead anyone to think he could effectively manage the U.S. Government and serve as Commander-in-Chief, the first Constitutional responsiblity of the President?       
Shamefully, it appears the team wasn't as concerned about the  lives of a U.S. Ambassador, two Navy Seals and a diplomat.


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