Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Free Your Mind

“This is your last chance.  After this, there is no turning back.  You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.  Remember, all I’m offering is the truth.  Nothing more.”
Our country is at a tipping point.  As voters we must decide today between two visions of our country’s future.  One vision is fully illustrated by the events of the past four years.  We have no reason to think if Obama is reelected the next four years will be any different from the past four years.  In fact, just yesterday President Obama bragged ‘we’ve tried our way, and it’s worked.’  Let’s take a look at the reality of the Obama vision of our country, the blue pill as it were. 
It is a vision of massive Federal spending and borrowing and $5 Trillion in debt.  This vision requires the Federal Reserve to run its printing presses at record pace, debasing the currency and eventually leading to the replacement of the dollar as the reserve currency of choice.  The Obama vision has structural 8% and higher unemployment, a 50% increase in food stamp recipients, and a weakening of our national defense infrastructure.  Most importantly, it is a vision of the federalization of every facet of our daily lives.  It starts with health care, and the nationalization of 15% of our economy.  Make no mistake, the full implementation of ObamaCare will lead to HHS and IPAB assuming complete autonomy in any significant health care decision, the steady erosion of the employer-provided model of health insurance, and soon enough a single payer system administered by the Federal Government.  We know from off-microphone speeches that Obama supports the single-payer model, and views the present ObamaCare legislation as a step in this direction.  This will supercharge an already overburdened Federal Budget Deficit. 
Religious liberty, a bedrock founding principle of our country, will continue to be threatened as HHS and IPAB mandate not only institutional provision of abortifacents, sterilization and contraceptives, but soon enough the payment of voluntary and discretionary abortions.  Does anyone really doubt this Administration will, in a second term, order religious institutions to defy their dogma and finance abortions for their employees?  And once the government cracks that code, what is the limiting principle on the intervention of the Federal Government in religious affairs?  The Administration will have taken the measure of the Catholic Bishops and concluded they are powerless to defy government orders.  This vision continues with the federalization of education, from educational requirements in all localities from K-12 and the management of all college student loans.  As we know, once the Federal Government begins passing out and/or controlling the flow of federal largess, it becomes the master of the affairs of its recipients.  Our Federal Government will continue its expansion of its role in the financing and control of the housing industry.   Decisions about how America fuels its cars, heats its homes and powers its factories will be coordinated by the same ‘government entrepreneurs’ who brought us Solyndra, 123 Energy, and other billion dollar boondoggles and bankruptcies in the alternative energy economy.  A market-based energy economy will be a thing of the past, starting with coal and continuing to oil and natural gas, regardless of whether solar and other alternative sources of energy are technically ready to replace these reliable sources.  President Obama also promises to do for other industries what he has done to the American automotive industry, and that means government intervention if not outright supervision and control. 
Perhaps this is the vision of America which its’ voters desire.  This vision empowers Federal bureaucrats to exert control over an ever-increasing portion of the daily lives of our citizens.  It concentrates power in Washington D.C. and with the President and his Executive Agencies.  Everyday decisions will be outsourced to Federal Regulations and managed by administrative guidelines.  The individual creativity, innovation, and energy which made this a great country will be funneled and directed to a centralized authority.  Life could be easier, with fewer market choices and less need for decisions but ultimately less opportunity for risk-takers.  Of course, this Federal model must be fueled with greater revenue sources, which means higher taxes on everyone, either directly or indirectly.  Eventually those creative, innovative thinkers who support an expanding economy will look outside the United States for an environment where their ingenuity can be rewarded.  Doesn't history prove that ultimately this is how all great empires die?
Now let’s look at the vision of a Romney Administration, the red pill.  This vision challenges the country to return to a full employment model, and establishes a methodology for achieving it.  This vision calls for the immediate repeal of ObamaCare, and the implementation of sensible market-based insurance reforms.  Paired with Paul Ryan, it actually establishes a budget which leads to balance yet doesn’t eviscerate the safety net upon which some Americans rely.  The Romney vision tackles structural deficiencies in the entitlement programs, which were created up to 80 years ago and are in serious need of revision and updating to address a modern society.  Romney’s directive is to reduce federal government spending below 20% of GNP, from its lofty heights approaching 25% (and on an upward trend).  This will be accompanied by a reduction of tax rates but a simplification of the complicated deductions and loophole system which requires any average American to employ a tax accountant or at least an automated program to prepare the simplest of tax returns.  A Romney Administration will not meddle in the affairs of religious institutions, and impose mandates which are in vile contradiction to their religious tenets. 
Most important, this vision calls for the empowerment of Americans of every stripe to take accountability and responsibility for their families, their businesses, and their futures.  Yes, it will be challenging and require individuals to sometimes make hard decisions which, on occasion will be wrong.  But isn’t that the basis upon which our country was founded?  Isn’t this the very definition and quality of what the Founders meant when they guaranteed Americans the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? 
We’ve seen the reality of the blue pill vision.  It doesn’t work.  We know this.  Reported and provable facts support this conclusion.  Do not be Blinded by the Light of Bruce Springsteen and JayZee concerts. 
Today is the day.  We have complete control of our destiny.  Like Neo, you need to choose.  Will it be the red pill or the blue pill?  God Bless us all and guide our country in this momentous decision.   


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  1. Hear hear. This is the day where we find out if we have lost the country. The 2008 wasn't a mandate for socialism. But if Obama wins this time around, you can reasonably interpret the outcome that way, now that he is a known commodity. Even if Obama loses, it's disturbing that it got this far.

    I'm feeling good about this election right now. The shift in enthusiasm from Democrat to Republican since 2008 is significant. Romney had way more money to spend than McCain, and the enthusiasm on his side has reflected it. To win, Romney just has to replicate what Bush did in Ohio 8 years ago.