Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Blog Rises

"Your breath smells."

Allow us to begin with an apology. Though we founded this blog during the 2012 election season, and updated it regularly throughout, maintaining it beyond that time was always our intent. But after an election, politics often becomes (blessedly) both more boring and less urgent. Thus, with each of us busy, our commitment to this blog faded away.

Still, it never disappeared. Though posting frequently during the year proved too much, returning for the summer became our goal. Thus, readers can expect a steady stream of posts through the rest of the summer, with a frequency still dictated, of course, by the necessity of other tasks.

But do not let our uneven commitment to this blog mislead you into thinking that we have “given up” on returning the United States to a path more in line with our country’s (and our blog’s) founding principles. Indeed, despite the misfortune of the 2012 election, our resolve remains strong.

Unfortunately, some conservatives have given up. Sure, they continue to fight the day’s political battles and to advance their ideology and message, but a fatalistic anticipation of imminent collapse underlies their politicking. They have lost faith in the political and social institutions that underpin the Republic, and only see salvation for them and the country after immense turmoil.

At Sons of Cincinnatus, we reject this quasi-revolutionary logic. We prefer that societies avoid the sort of social turmoil beyond which uncertainty lies. We think that America, despite its current flaws, continues both to be worth saving and savable. And we intend to do whatever we can to demonstrate our commitment to this salvaging.

In this respect, our philosophy aligns with that of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, as depicted in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Batman’s guiding aim was both to preserve Gotham, though a decadent place, both from those who sought its dissolution in favor of anarchy (the Joker) and those who drew from its corrupt state that only destruction could ameliorate (Ra's al Ghul, Bane, the League of Shadows). Against both of these extremes, Batman believed that, despite Gotham’s (and mankind’s) fallen state, it was a place worthy of his efforts on its behalf.

Now, comparing a single blog to such efforts certainly exaggerates: we not possess billions of dollars, high-tech equipment, or years of martial arts training, among other things. And neither do our opponents possess utter tactical mastery, a coterie of highly-trained revolutionaries, or the end or means of total destruction. They work with subtler means and towards different ends, whose damage may ultimately equal the more powerful and more destructive, but whose advance one can combat more easily. 

Thus, we will continue to advocate for our vision, as we consider America both in dire need of them, and still in a condition to accept them. We may fight for a lost cause, but, if so, we do not intend to admit it until well after we have done everything in our power to make it a found one. We invite our readers, then, to continue reading as we continue our efforts. Though only the future will reveal whether we fought in vain, the surest path to a bleak future is to give up in the present. 

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